City of Silvi

City of Silvi

Once called “Silva”, thanks to the presence of a blooming greenery, or “Castel Belfiore” or “Castrum Silvi” (in the Middle Age), Silvi rises at the feet of Città Sant’Angelo and Atri hills.

It is featured by the presence of a maritime area, Silvi Marina, whose roots are due, in the Nineteenth Century, to fishermen who moved close to the coast. The city center is in the “high” Medieval area, from which one can stare at an amazing panorama.

The whole territory seems to have been inhabited since very ancient times. Following the Barbarian Invasions, people moved from the coast to the hills. Silvi Marina born that time, and it developed around a Castle. It also participated in many battles.

Really interesting to be visited, the Church of San Salvatore, dated back to 110 AC, a unique-aisle building that still preserves two Medieval holy-water fonts and some frescoes dated back to the half of the Thirteenth Century. Close is also the Church of San Rocco, dated back to the Sixteenth Century but restored in the 19th Century.

It deserves a mention also the famous Cerrano Tower, built in the 1500 as a sighting fortress in defense of the Turkish pirates invasions. Its position marks the border with Silvi Marina. Right under the tower rises the Adria harbour, that cannot be dated back but it is really ancient, and represented a highly strategic place where people passed through.

Do not miss the wonderful sandy beaches with low bottoms in Silvi Marina and the protected Marine area of the Cerrano Tower.